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FAKE-T-L #2: How Joka?s hunger games meant mocking J

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[2/28/14] Atlanta- The next installment of my “Identity Theft” series comes from my most memorable dating experience in Atlanta. It was so trifling I had to tell my father. He, like most who knew the story found it very humorous. Business is usually slow during the 4th quarter, so 2 years ago I started waiting tables at the infamous Throbacks Sports Bar & Grill in College Park.


One night after my shift I got a text from J saying “Hey, what you doing”. So I responded “Hey”. J had been texting me 6 months straight “good morning”. This was the first time he initiated an actual conversation. He invited me to the movies, so I asked him to call me if he really wanted an answer. I hate being courted by text. Still pining over Bu, I was happy to get a break from my heart. Well, something inside told me this was not a good idea. But I proceeded to make plans with J. I had not seen J in 2 years, so I reminded him of our first encounter at The Underground. He was darkskin and 5’11. I thought to myself “5’11?”, I remember him being closer to my height. But I agreed to give him my address the next day on the way to pick me up.


I immediately phoned my friend after the call to get advice. I told her about the discrepancy. She responded jokingly “I need you to know who you making a date with”. I needed a real rebound from Bu, so I wasn’t throwing the towel in yet. Instead, I got on my laptop and googled the signature on J’s text: Mack Tite Entertainment. A myspace page came up with the most doggish mandigo I had ever seen. I was pissed! How could this happen? Talking to myself “I remember J being cute….this must be a mistake?”. Racking my brain I deducted his signature previously said “Jski” now it says “Mack Tite Ent”. So then I googled “Jski Atlanta”. The search results brought me to a facebook page for a record label. The facebook page lead me to a myspace page with a photo of the J I had remembered. There he was in all his mocha magnificence, but no contact. I went back to the facebook page and dialed the number listed. I could feel my lips moisten as he answered the phone “Hey Queen”. He remembered me! And he reminded me of how we met. And he was the right height. I said to him “You wanna hear something funny?” He agreed and I told him “We got a date tomorrow night”. All ears, I told the real J how I thought he had been texting me “good morning” for the last 6 months and finally asked me out. J would always text my google voice and my mobile regarding his shows. Somehow I had saved his name under the wrong number after re-entering contacts.


I was determined to get over Bu. All I needed was another meaningful relationship. I always had a crush on the real J, so I was flattered he was jealous of mocking J. We agreed to meet the next day. And I sent mocking J one hell of an angry text that night.


Three days after our first date, the real J says we need to talk. He decided to unpause with his girlfriend. At that moment J turned the best sex I ever had from a fairy tale to a booty call. My vagina was damaged. She took it harder than me. Water dripped from every opening in my body. I felt so betrayed I threaten the real J. He apologized for a whole week. But I still forbid him to set foot at Throbacks. Best wings in town, Throbacks was also known for the hottest open mic showcase presented by Street Talk Promotions. An artist, the real J naturally wanted to compete the following week. The prize? Opening up for 2chainz at Club Libra. He tried to smooth over his disobedience with tequila shots. No one but us knew why his track really skipped that night. He did not win the prize. And we have not spoken since.



FAKE-T-L #1: The great Akon charity golf cover up

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[2/27/14] Atlanta- After losing my stepmom & bestfriend to cancer in 2005, I moved to Orlando to live with whom I thought would be the love of my life. A college drop out, I thought I was finally realizing my dream when I met Akon in 2006/7 at a reggae concert. Instead I lost my home, my business, and my man because he didn't want me to work for Akon. Broke and homeless by 2007, the only thing going for me was planning Akon’s charity golf invitational. Sharing a trailer with a white male naturist, I worked 18 hours a day on the event. It would be months before I discovered my handler, Hasan Sharif was taking all the credit for my work. He would switch my logo with his on the documents and submit that version to the charity. They found out what he was doing once I started to blind carbon copy Akon on all the emails. Hasan Sharif was so sloppy he slipped and put Akon’s personal email on a reply.


Akon's mom, allegedly sympathetic to my situation, invited me to work for Konfidence Foundation in Atlanta. She promised to give me the full retainer owed for the work I had done on their charity golf tourney, to help with my drivers' license/passport, and that I could live rent free for a year on their property. I thought she was a saint! As soon as I used my extra money to further my education, she retracted everything and made working at the Foundation hell. After serving Akon for 13 months I left in tears. I came to Atlanta to get a steady job, hopefully find love again, and finish my degree. Akon's family were the only people I knew in Atlanta at the time. Now, I was all alone. And had lost EVERYTHING I OWN in storage to prove to anyone here I WAS SOMEBODY in Orlando.


According to Akon’s mom they all hated me, especially Bu. Took me a long time to fall out of love with Bu and accept my close relationship with the family was just a cover up. No promoter would touch Akon, and no media outlet gave him mercy. Akon was facing jail time for throwing a fan off stage. Not to mention, he was already condemned for simulating sex with an underage girl at a show. My story would have destroyed what was left of his career at the time. So they destroyed me instead. My first regret is not loving Akon. His wife, mother, and Bu weren’t worth fighting it. And my second regret is not hating Akon. Right now, I could have used the undisclosed amount of money the tabloid offered at the time.




FYI: Things got pretty heated between Hasan and I. And I thought about quitting after many arguments. One day I remembered him telling me to google Akon’s concert with Wyclef. And there it was….Wyclef’s manager Jimmy Rosemond was responsible for bringing them together in Haiti. What does Jimmy Rosemond have to do with Akon and I? Well, ever since I read the book “Jane Eyre”, I wanted to name my first child Rosamond. When I have a tough question, I ask my unborn child to give me a sign. Jimmy Rosemond was my sign. However, I made the mistake of telling Kim.


Kim was a friend of the family. She said the only reason anyone would ever be interested in Akon was for fame and fortune. I said simply not true. Proving my point I told Kim about Jimmy Rosemond and more. How Akon said it was meant to be when we met…. because we discovered they lived in South Miami on 62nd Avenue and 63rd Street. And my family stayed on 62nd Avenue and 69th Street. How Akon played football for the grey ghosts pop warner when I was a cheerleader. We crossed paths many times but never met until then. But Kim didn’t tell Akon’s wife that I was madly in love with Bu, and he was the one born in South Miami. And I thought Akon’s purpose was to lead me to Bu, who I thought was “the one”. No she tells Akon’s wife “you better watch out for Queen. She’s going to have Akon’s baby”. I was so embarrassed when I learned the office inside joke after working there for 2 weeks. Akon’s wife didn’t like me, now she had a valid reason. Now, Bu was never going to give me a chance. I pushed Akon away at every attempt to get to know me. Even though, Akon was the only one who made me really feel welcomed. I will always regret loving him from a far. Down to the last hour, he put his hands around my neck, pretending to choke me and said “Don’t ever say you leaving me”. Three days later I quit. Akon never gave up on me until …. I gave up on him.


Qn. Everlena learns formula to eating right w/ Dr. Fatoki

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Delta to Implement New Anti-Human Trafficking Program in Partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Transportation

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Delta to Implement New Anti-Human Trafficking Program in Partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Transportation (via PR Newswire)

Delta among the first airlines to adopt Blue Lightning Initiative Download image Delta Air Lines and the Delta Connection carriers offer service to nearly 370 destinations on six continents. For more information visit news.delta.com. (PRNewsFoto/Delta Air Lines) WASHINGTON, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire…



Dark And Lovely Welcomed Over 300 Curly Girls In Atlanta For The Au Naturale CURL POWER Celebration With Special Guests Keshia Knight Pulliam & Curly Nikki!

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Dark And Lovely Welcomed Over 300 Curly Girls In Atlanta For The Au Naturale CURL POWER Celebration With Special Guests Keshia Knight Pulliam & Curly Nikki! (via PR Newswire)

Download image Download image Download image The Lovely Au Naturale Brand Ambassadors strike a pose with Nikki Walton and Keshia Knight Pulliam ATLANTA, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dark and Lovely recently celebrated the launch of their newest line, Au Naturale, with Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam…



Westwood College Launches National "Good Works" Community Service Program

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Westwood College Launches National "Good Works" Community Service Program (via PR Newswire)

Month-long program to raise up to $25,000 in donations, serve 5,000 volunteer hours   DENVER, June 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Throughout June, Westwood College will give out hall passes for its faculty and staff to skip school. But don't worry, it's for a good cause called "Good Works." During the month…